The May 2017 bond is driven by the district’s
strategic plan, Vision 2020, which is meant to
provide clear focus for improvement and drive
the district to greater heights.


Approved by the Mansfield ISD Board of Trustees
on June 28, 2016, Vision 2020 defines the district’s mission, vision, core values, and guiding statements. Vision 2020 served as a guide to the Facilities & Growth Planning Committee in studying the needs
of the district. Each project was explored through
the lens of the strategic plan and ultimately
assisted the committee in making its unanimous recommendation to the Board of Trustees.


To inspire and educate students
to be productive citizens.


A destination district committed
to excellence.


Mansfield ISD: a great place
to live, learn and teach.


• Students First

• Continuous Improvement

• Integrity

• Communication

• Positive Relationships

• Resiliency

Guiding Statements

  1. Students will read on level or higher by the beginning of the third grade and will remain on level or higher as an MISD student.
  2. Students will demonstrate mastery of Algebra I by the end of ninth grade.
  3. Students will graduate with 24+ college hours and/or industry certification or a certificate.
  4. Students will participate in an extra or co-curricular activity.
  5. Our parents and students will have choices with educational opportunities.

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